Frequently Asked Questions

Why I can't see the Twitcker after I included the outputted code into my website/blog?

First check if the added snippet is really in your website source. If the Twitcker still doesn't appear please check if any JavaScript error occurred (e.g. via your web console from your browser) and you are viewing your site online or a local web server. If it still doesn't show without any errors, contact me please.

I would like to add my native language, but how could I do that?

Twitcker appreciate new translators! Just contact us with your name and your native language; we'll reply, sure!

Is it possible to show tweets from more than one Twitter account?

Currently it's not possible and it's also not planned, but if enough users demand this feature we'll think about an implementation.

Is there a possibility to enable a secure connection (HTTPS)?

Yes, of course. Twitcker is working only with a secured HTTPS connection now.

How long does it take to update my tweets in the Twitcker?

Currently it takes up to about 10 minutes to update your tweets, most of the time the update occur in realtime. If after at least two hours no updated Twitcker appears, please contact us.

How long is Twitcker online?

Twitcker went online on 16th May 2010. That are already 5175 days or simply over 14 years ;).

Could I change the style of the Twitcker?

As long as the main style of the Twitcker stays as it normally looks like you could modify the Twitcker itself as you need it. It's not allowed to remove the [i] button at the right corner without asking for permission. You could add CSS code to your website CSS and set there your custom style. The structure/DOM tree of the default Twitcker looks like that:

div#twitcker-[hash] div#twitcker-wrapper div#twitcker-bar a.logo img div.border-left div.border-right div#twitcker-marquee a a a [...]

When went the different versions of Twitcker online and how did they look like?

The first version went online (as already mentioned above) on 16th May 2010. The V2 (version 2) went online on 15th November 2011. The current V3 went online on 15th November 2012 - exactly one year after the previous version. V3.1 went online Aug 2016, V3.2 in Mar 2018 and V3.3 in May the same year. The old versions (V1-V2) looked like that.

Something changed with my ticker bar, why did that happen?

Twitcker keeps the right to change the code and thereby (the appearance of) the Ticker itself (if needed) without any notification. Usually we announce every change on our own Twitter account though.

What changed from version to version?

The major change in V2 was, that the users have to sign in with Twitter due scaling problems because of limited Twitter API requests. V3 of Twitcker got a whole redesign and modernisation of the service. The architecture behind the Twitcker changed also completely and no longer depends on jQuery.

Is is possible to load #hashtags instead of tweets?

At the moment it is not supported by Twitcker, but maybe in a next release it will be integrated.

Do I need to add Twitcker to the script-src whitelist with Content Security Policy?

Yes, in case your website includes a Content Security Policy header in the response, please add to the list of websites.

Which browsers are supported?

Twitcker supports normally all modern browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge and even IE (above and equal version 10). Here is our list of officially supported browsers:

Mozilla Firefox (Mobile): 57

Google Chrome (Mobile): 20

Apple Safari (Mobile): 8

Opera (Mobile): 37

Google Android Browser: 4.4

Microsoft Internet Explorer (Mobile): 10

Microsoft Edge (Mobile): 12

I have a question which isn't answered here!

If you have an unanswered question, just contact us and we are trying to help.